Day 1 – What am I up to?

So this is my first blog post on here so I will keep it short (ish). So I will start with some introductions, my name is Dave Green and I’m a software developer based in Northampton, UK. In the last year I have created a few small apps for mobile devices along with a couple of websites. This year I have decided to take on one of my bigger project ideas which is to create a WYSIWYG editor for creating old style adventure games. There are a number of reasons why I chose this project which I will address in another post, but the important thing is that my goal is to complete that application and get it released into the wild.

So why the blog? Well, I could just work on this project in my spare time like I have the other projects and when its ready release it. However what I have learnt with just doing some small apps on my own previously, is that there will be plenty of mistakes along with plenty of things that I will learn along the way. What I want to do is document this whole process, look at and research the best ways to approach the challenges and tasks that come up and hopefully help other developers who are trying to develop their own apps avoid the same pitfalls.

Here we are, day 1. I have a name, a blog, a Twitter account, Facebook page. What I don’t have is any code, design documents, UX, marketing strategy, images, audio, followers. So in reality things can only go up from here.

Bizarrely, my first task is going to be some simple branding for social media. If this is going to work, people need to look at this blog or the other platforms I post to and get involved, they wont do that unless I make it look professional. After that, I can start putting the plans in my head down onto posts and work from there.